Impact is the real deal. It sorts results from concepts; doers from talkers, and always makes for a great story. Our impact manifests itself in digital business, campaigns, and content.

“I am still amazed by the outcome of this intense one-week Sprint. At the end of the week, we were very clear about our customers’ needs and received precise feedback on our solution. We got project results in days instead of weeks – Sprints are the new way of working.”

Dr. Johannes Ihringer
Former Head of Digital Projects, OSRAM

“Thanks to HI, NEXT’s use of Sprints, I realized that clear solutions are possible in a very short period of time.”

Marc Mielau
Former Director Business Development, Rolls-Royce

Impact can be measured, valued, used, replicated, changed and revisited. It can validate strategies, trigger emotions, and affect people and businesses.

Teams off –
Team out.


JP and the BMW