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We develop customized digital solutions
that are fun to use and improve people’s lives.

Taking your ideas to the next level

The Design SPRINT is a five-day co-working session for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing with real customers. Developed at Google Ventures it is a battle-tested process for ideating innovative ideas and validating them on the market.
Ready to meet your ideas!
Christian Ehl

Data & AI solutions: Unlocking value

Data is vast and flows in dynamic streams in a variety of formats before it ends up in a data mart, lake or mesh. Customised applications and dashboards enable the simultaneous aggregation, analysis and monitoring of data. They are key for reporting, new product discovery, new business opportunities, gaining insights on processes, user journeys, KPIs or decision making itself.
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Sascha Müller
Head of Data & AI Solutions

+49 151 16033198
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Configurators: Driving conversion

The ability to customise products in real time creates a smooth experience and makes personalisation effortless. A well-designed process not only leads to higher conversions, but also shortens sales cycles. Whether form-based, 3D or AR/VR configurators – they are the link between the real and the digital world.

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Philip Ehl
Project Consultant

+49 157 70316731
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Transactions: Selling at scale

Powerful, customised e-commerce and business solutions provide an easy way to reach customers around the world. By optimising processes from initial customer contact, to showcasing your products, to ERP/CRM integration and checkout, together we build a landscape that maps the entire transaction of your digital storefront.
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Julian Autenrieth

Generative AI: Disrupting business

Generative AI is a game-changer, and businesses will adapt quickly. They must know the dependencies, concerns surrounding data security, and implement the best practices for using generative AI effectively. With the right implementation, businesses can reduce costs, provide an improved customer experience, and maintain a competitive edge in their industry.
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Security: Better safe than sorry

Digital solutions are more vulnerable than ever to cybercrime due to the large amount of sensitive information stored not only digitally but also on networked systems and networked devices. Therefore, it is more than important to protect your company's critical infrastructures by developing according to security first principles.
Roen Branham
Portrait of Roen Branham


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